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Matthew 25 Food Pantry

"For I was hungry and you fed me..."

Photo Gallery

Matthew25 Easter 2019 Matthew25 Easter 2019 The food packing station at Matthew25 Pictured here are roughly 50 bags of non-perishable food, (notice the two rows of bags behind the packing table too), containing canned vegetables, potatoes, and loaves of bread. Roughly the same amount of non-perishable bags were ready to be given out from the back storage room too. 205673888 The list of perishable food handed out Each person who came to Matthew25 on Saturday morning walked away with two shopping bags full of food. Pictured here is the list of perishable foods handed out in a second shopping bag. Not included on this list are the handful of turkeys that were also handed out to our larger families. 205673885 When the doors opened at 10am With all of the non-perishable food pre-packed, the work crew swung into action with packing the perishable foods. It became very busy once the doors opened at 10AM. But unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate. We had about 29 no-shows because of the rain. 205673883 Lull in the action caused by the weather With the door-opening rush over, the workers had some time to "cheese it up", with all those hams they handed out. Picture here are Sheila, Ronnie, and Dave. Overall, it was wonderful to be able to help others, and to work with this awesome team. Thank you Mrs. Dushane for allowing us to give back!!! 205673886 Contemplating and calling Pondering the sudden lull in the action, Mrs. Dushane started making phone calls to the no-shows. Some of those clients that were unable to walk to the food pantry had their Easter dinner delivered to their door. Assessing the situation with Mrs. Dushane are Heather and Dan L. 205673884