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Matthew 25 Food Pantry

"For I was hungry and you fed me..."

Photo Gallery

Troop 131 Pack 44 Collects for Thanksgiving 2019 Troop 131 Pack 44 Collects for Thanksgiving 2019 206010147 Emptying out the van! 206010148 Girls stopping to give us a smile! 206010149 Trying to get them ALL together for a pic! Still missing some. LOL 206010150 The "littlest" scout! 206010151 Carrying in food 206010152 Dakota and Micah have been with me since they were little. Great kids! 206010153 Whoa! Look at all that food! 206010154 Meeting of the minds... strategizing. 206010155 Linda looking over all the food... where to put it? 206010156 206010157 Girls putting the food away 206010158 206010159 I think he got stuck in the back! LOL 206010160