Matthew 25 Food Pantry

"For I was hungry and you fed me..."

Thank YOU!  Please forgive me if you did not receive a "THANK YOU" note from Matthew 25.  Every year, I send them out in January and give an update of what we had done for the year because of your donations.  Unfortunately, this year, my family and I got very sick.  It took me out for the whole month of January.

Please know how much I appreciate everything that you do for Matthew 25.  Because of YOU we are able to take care of the people in Greene County.  Just know that I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart!

Patti D

If you or someone you know needs 

Similac Pro-Advance

for your baby, please have them contact the Matthew 25 Food Pantry, we have plenty!

Welcome Back!

Matthew 25 "Power Pak" program is up and running! 

We can't hand our "Power Pak" bags out at school at this time but we can give them out at Matthew 25!  

If you have a child that is going to the Catskill Central School District, you can come to the Matthew 25 Food Pantry EVERY Tuesday at 4 p.m.

We will give you bags of food for your child and a little surprise too!  Hope to see you there!

Matthew 25 "Angel Wings" program 

This program is instituted to help those senior citizens that were disabled, had illness or they were unable to make it to the pantry for food.

Thank you to ALL the people in our Community that has come forward to help Matthew 25.

Our most important necessity is FOOD. 


We purchase food from the Northeast Regional Foodbank and they have a program there where you can "Adopt A Pantry!"  If you would like to ADOPT Matthew 25 you can!  All you have to do is call 518-786-3691 and tell them you would like to donate thru the Adopt A Pantry program for Matthew 25.  OR go to our DONATE page and you can use our PayPal or mail a check.  Thank you so much!